How to Make a Memorable Presentation

by : Nashville

Know what, there’s nothing annoying about the people in computer ads. They’re just taking advantage of the latest technologies and software applications that make their jobs easier to handle and manage yet provide them with quality and professional results. At least, they’ll not spend most of their time in doing their tasks and still, be able to come up with an interesting and appealing output.

In creating presentations, we can choose from among the top presentation software applications present today that include Adobe Persuasion, Harvard Graphics, Lotus Freelance, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a lot more. What’s good about them is that they don’t only create output for high-resolution slides, overheads and printouts, they also help us outline our presentation, design images, chart data, and present the big show on-screen, complete with animation and sound. If you lack a dedicated program, desktop publishing programs such as QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker, and illustration software such as Macromedia FreeHand and Adobe Illustrator can also be used to output high resolution slides.

To flesh out ideas and invent the phrases and imagery that make a dull presentation more appealing, a script or a detailed outline is the first step and the bond that holds things together no matter how short or long your presentation is. But never memorize or read the script for the actual presentation, use it instead as a foundation from which to speak. Use the script to present the problem, to offer your solution, to fill in the detail, and ask for action.

Next, illustrate it with evenly appealing visuals. A good presentation takes advantage of the relationship between what is being said and what is being shown. Use charts, graphs and graphics to clarify information and to explain difficult thoughts but don't overdue it. Keep your charts simple and your artwork relevant to the subject. Photographs of important people, places and products are often a better way to build your case and break the monotony of text slides. A few carefully chosen images can add real interest and better focus to your presentation.

To produce high resolution 35mm slides, plan to send your files to a service bureau. Talk to a technical expert at your service bureau before you generate your first slide. These people process slides everyday and they have already found and solved most of the problems you might experience using a particular program. You can also try one of the many slides services that advertise nationwide.

Indeed, slides are a fast, economical and remarkable means to stress your point. With the tools and some time-tested methods today, you can certainly make entertaining and educations presentations that get people into action. I agree that there’s nothing more striking than a well-produced slide. Truly, nothing’s comparable to the power of words and pictures. Truly, the big secret of one’s success in making presentations is a combination of the right tools, a good script, clear visualsFree Articles, and quality production and duplication.