A Graphic Designers Top Ten Resolutions for 2005

by : Nashville

When we were still kids, we always looked forward to the New Year’s Day to prepare our resolutions. Others really use these resolutions to guide them all throughout the year. But I didn’t have that love for resolution-making. I know that I’ll not be able to live by it so I’d rather not take time to do such thing. Anyway, I’ve learned that a graphic designer named Judy Litt has come up with her top ten resolutions in graphic designing.

As a graphic designer, Litt stresses more on productivity, marketability, time management, networking and knowledge acquisition. It’s not bad to set yourself a quota on the number of designs that you need to finish in a matter of minutes as long as the quality of the design is not compromised. Also, it’s necessary to devise realistic and feasible marketing strategies from time to time. It’s also good to be a part of an organization with people inclined also in graphic designing for you to be more exposed and be more oriented in this line of work. As the old cliché says, learning is a continuous process – this also deals with graphic designers. You should always know and learn the latest trends in graphic design. Remember, we learn new things everyday. This will surely make you more effective in your craft.

In addition, Litt also focuses on continuous manual reading, gratefulness, innovativeness, journalizing or documentation, and playfulness. It is important to read manuals gradually because you’ll get lots of surprising information from them. If professional designers gave you pointers when you were just starting, take some time to teach new designers too as a debt of gratitude to those wonderful people who helped you. It’s also nice to try a new and original approach in graphic designing. With this, your creativity and resourcefulness will be totally enhanced. Document all your output from the start of your profession to evaluate where you are now and where you are headed. Finally, I agree that all work and no play make a designer a very dull designer indeed. It’s true that our best ideas come out when we take a break from whatever it is that we're doing.

Basically, Litt just wants to be more productive and efficient in her profession. And the best thing, she shares her own insights to her colleagues because her New Year’s resolution is also for them. I appreciate people like Litt. Keep it up. Way to goHealth Fitness Articles, Judy!!!