Valerie Kirschenbaums "Goodbye Gutenberg"

by : Nash Ville

Truly, color is what makes our lives exciting. This might be the reason why Valerie Kirschenbaum has written and designed a masterpiece known as “Goodbye Guttenberg" containing pages that are undeniably delightful to behold. It presents 860 gorgeous, full color images from the great art and manuscript traditions of the world. The book was printed on an outstandingly fine Japanese matt art using a paper high quality offset lithographic press and uses.

In Goodbye Guttenberg, Kirschenbaum makes a logical and passionate case for rethinking and redesigning books. Though book readership has been steadily declining, she remains optimistic about the future of the printed word. With this, the book can truly captivate readers with full color text books. Flipping through its pages provides an experience similar to browsing the web. Reading offers each person an unlimited, equal opportunity passport to explore the far corners of the mind and of the world. Also, she points out that we read not only to stimulate our imaginations, but our basic emotions such as joy, love, fear, hatred, agony, etc.

This edition of Goodbye Gutenberg is more than just a book. It’s more than just another present for a special occasion. With the combination of ancient literatures with today’s cutting edge page designs and latest technologies, it really creates an entertaining, multi-sensory experience. I firmly agree that it is a cultural heirloom for your family, and a gem to own and cherish for a lifetime. In fact, it is a feast for the eyes and it is a book that is meant to be read.

Indeed, this is probably one of the most stunningly visual books I’ve ever seen. You will be astonished, astounded and absolutely amazed by this masterpiece. At the very least, you will consider it gorgeous and want to keep it for a lifetime. You will certainly want to share it with family and friends because there's really nothing to compare. So, if you enjoy reading, if you care about books, if you want to encourage reading in others, I recommend you to read this book because it may well help you discover how you can be part of the vanguard that ushers in this new age of publishing. At the least, you will never again look at books in the same way.

FolksBusiness Management Articles, NEVER wait for another moment. This is the right time to have Goodbye Guttenberg! It is absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t let that chance to pass by.