New Collection of Paint Patches for Studio Artist 3.0

by : Carla Ballatan

Dave Nagel noted that not too long ago, he has written about techniques for creating write-on and paint-on effects for motion graphics. He further demonstrated what he wrote about by using custom brushes to reveal underlying footage, as though the paint were dripping down or splattering across the canvass. He also showed some methods of splattering paint around the canvass. On his latest paint patches – Nagel Series 12 – he have expanded the brushes he had used in the previous tutorial.

The newest collections of Studio Artist Paint Patches are 20 brushes designed to splatter and drip. These brushes are also designed to reveal source image, scatter the contents of the canvass and applies liquid strokes to the artworks being created.

Three primary categories characterize these new brushes: the blow pens, reveals and drip paints. The blow pens’ use is to scatter paint on the canvass. Reveals, according to its term, reveals source footage of your work especially for creating transitions. The drip paints are designed to create liquid strokes on the canvass – paint splashes and drippings. These would help in making your artwork for lively and realistic.

These brushes are designed to work only with Studio Artis 3.0. Previous versions, other than Studio Artist 3.0 won’t let these brushes function properly. However, they can be modified by path pressure and pen tilt or other interactive modifiers. These new set of brushes can be customized further in the Studio Artist’s Paint Synthesizer depending on your needs for it.

For artsy types and frequent users of Studio Artist, it is best to ask for more tips in using these brushes in order for you to expand knowledge on its usage. These innovations will surely maximize your abilities in making artworks with much more extraordinary creativity.

For downloads, installation and usage instructions, please understand that Synthetik Studio Artist 3.0 is a Macintosh-only program, running in Mac OS9 and Mac OS X. Upon downloading “NagelSeries12.sit" fileFeature Articles, decompress it using Stuffit Expander. Download Stuff Expander free from