Making OE Stationery

by : Joyce C. Lock

It will prove helpful if you name the file the same as you intend to name the stationery, making it easier to find them when making changes or deletions.

To create stationery ...

Open Outlook
Click the arrow beside Create Mail
Select Stationery
Create New
Check Picture
At the arrow, scroll to make your picture selection.
Determine what is needed for this pic - position/tile/background color.
(If additional background color is not needed - leave as is/using default.)
Select Font type/size/color
If the pic is a top border - adjust where words will begin at the Top Margin
If the pic is a side border - adjust where words will begin at the Left Margin
If the pic is a background only - leave blank
Name the stationery

If you don't like what you've created, go here, and delete the Internet file (leaving the gif or jpeg):

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedStationery

Then, create it all over again, with the desired changes.

Note: anytime you change your mind, while in the process of creating a stationery, prior to clicking to Finish, you can click Back, make the desired changes, then click Next (already selected options will remain until you change them or begin a new stationery creation).

? by Joyce C. Lock
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