Surreal Blog Explains The Power of Blogging

by : Darren Dunner

Surreal Blog poses the question "Do you Know The Power Of Blogging?"In an attempt to give real information to users and not the run around I have decided to post this article. When approached with the question of how to create a blog because everyone else is doing it so I do too. I have to say this is not an easy answer. Even though there are tons of sources to start a blog that does not make it successful.

6 Steps to a successful blog:

1. Choose a popular location to start your blog and choose one that allows you to load the blog on your site directly. Blogger and WordPress are my favorites.

2. Be prepared to add at least 3 articles a week to your blog. When I say articles I mean "ARTICLES". Don't try and use your blog to sell a product or a service, otherwise you are defeating the power of blogging. Why do I say this? Well the idea of blogging is to post information useful to the readers and the sites that offer these abilities did so for this purpose only. I want to really emphasize that making your blogs rich in content and useful is very important.

3. Make sure to use fully the ping services available. Every time you post a blog it pings blog servers so that the release of your post can be read by many. By using the typical default pings servers you are limiting your exposure. At Surreal Blog we offer a complete list of current ping servers.

4. Always have a link back to your main site either on some or all of your blogs that you post. If your blog is interesting and useful the readers may think that your services or products you are selling are useful as well and click on your links because now you have become a trusted resource.

5. Add your blog to your main site. Create an extra directory specific to your blogs. Most blog programs will let you run your blog directly on your own site. Add a link from your main site to your blog as well. If you build up traffic for your blog from doing the above mentioned things, then you are building up traffic for your main site. If you don't have a main site and just want to blog to help others with your important informationPsychology Articles, find someone with a great service and mention them sometimes.

6. Find a list of popular blog directories and list your blog on them. Most of these offer a small fee or a free listing if you link back. I suggest you pay the small fee as it will benefit your blog in a much greater way. You can feel free to contact me if you want a complete list of popular blog directories.

These steps mentioned above should provide a useful tool in blog building. I love to get feedback so if you have any new information or useful information about building blogs please send them my way and I will use them in my Next Article.