Bartending as a Profession

by : Dalvin Rumsey

Bartending is a job that has been getting more attention and more glamour than it may deserve. This is the result of the way the media, the movies and even the large majority of the public has pictured it. There is no question about the fact that television and the entertainment industry have the great power of influencing the public thoughts and this is all because the public is sometimes too lazy to make an opinion of its own. They simply take in the one side of the story the media chooses to show and never give a second thought to it.

The contact a bartender may have with the public depends on the type of setting of the bar or restaurant he or she works in. therefore, should it be a posh restaurant setting, the bartender will most certainly have little to no contact with the public, but, on the other hand, should it be a cozy bar type setting, the bartender will constantly be in contact with the public.

Tips are a good way for a bartender to make a lot of money, so if they are nice and courteous to the public, money will come flowing! Bartenders can listen to their customers' problems and concerns, but they are not qualified to give psychological advice.

It would be easier to find bartending jobs if you have been trained in one of the special schools that are available in this field. So, if you intend to get such a job, think about attending such a school.

In conclusion, we can say that this job is not a bit alike to what the movies and the media are trying to convince us. A bartender is not a super hero, neither is he a psychiatrist or a sex adviser. It is just a job like any other job, with nothing special and glamorous about it!