Be Goal Oriented, Start Your Career!

by : Dalvin Rumsey

Every person should take the time and do the simple exercise of planning. You will get a new perspective regarding your career goals. It is a very useful exercise, especially before starting to look for a new job.

There are so many goals to set, that most of the people do not even know what to choose. All kinds of material gains, fame and wealth, comfort and luxury, glamour and beauty are among the things that most count in this matter. The choices one can make are quite confusing, as it can go from acting to singing, writing to banking, software programming to business. Some doubts may also occur in people's minds. They often wonder whether they are up to the goal they have chosen and whether they will be successful in that certain field. Maybe none of these paths is suitable for your skills and performances, but it is worth the time to analyze all the options.

The first step when starting the planning task, is choosing between finding out what you really like doing and do it no matter what the gains and the growth patterns may be, and, as a second option, finding out what really motivates you, find out which among the gives you what you want and build up the necessary skills for it. No matter what you choose in this first stage, the end result will be getting the goal that would most motivate you. So, in the first method the journey itself is your reward and in the second one you are carefully working your way to your reward.

Knowing your strong and weak points will be most useful in making the choice. In order to do that, a good idea would be to consider all your accomplishments, all the compliments you got, the times when you worked with passion at and all the work that really inspired you. Write these down and you will get your answer. Should you be good at organizing, at making people comfortable, at physical activity, at leading, at solving puzzles, at playing music or games, any of these things can provide a career option you can set as a goal.

The next step is listing the things that motivate you most. After considering all your aspirations and aptitudes, you will most certainly make the right choice regarding your goal.