Example of G-Code

by : Ivan Irons

G-Code ExampleNext, we are going to go through an example of cutting out a 2" square with a CNC Plasma Cutter.? Then we will look at the G-Code to see what is happening.

2" Square G-CodeThe numbers on the left of the G-Code are the sequence numbers of the code and the order it will be executed in.? I have added notes after different actions to let you know what that line of code means.? My note starts with a “-“ then continues.? A “-“ means nothing in G-Code.N0000 (Filename: 2INSquare.txt) – Name of FileN0010 (Post processor: Plasma.post) – Name of Post Processor UsedN0020 (Date: 8/1/2007) - Date G-Code was generatedN0030 G20 (Units: Inches) – Measurement Units UsedN0040 G53 - Machine co-ordinate systemN0050 G90 – Absolute ProgrammingN0060 G40 – Tool radius compensation offN0070 F1 – Feedrate of 1" per minN0090 (Part: Square) – name of the partN0100 (Process: Plasma,? DEFAULT, Plasma, 0.01 in kerf) – Tool to be usedN0110 G00 – Go to HomeN0120 X0.1113 Y-0.0904 – Move to this exact X, Y positionN0130 G04 P2000 – Pause for 2 seconds, this is in millisecondsN0140 M03 – Fire the plasma torchN0150 G04 P500 - Pause for .5 seconds, this is in millisecondsN0160 G03 X0.0000 Y-0.0050 I-0.1113 J-0.0298 F40.0 – move to this X, Y position in an arcing movement at a feedrate of 40 inches per minN0180 G01 Y2.0000 – Travel in the Y+ direction for 2 inches to X0, Y2N0200 G01 X2.0000 – Travel in the X+ direction for 2 inches to X2, Y2N0220 G01 Y0.0000 – Travel in the Y- direction for 2 inches to X2, Y0N0240 G01 X0.0000 – Travel in the X- direction for 2 inches to X0, Y0N0250 G03 X-0.1113 Y-0.0904 I0.0000 J-0.1152 – move to this X, Y position in an arcing movementN0260 M05 – Turn off the plasma torchN0270 G04 P2000 – Pause for 2 secondsArticle Submission, this is in millisecondsN0280 G00 – Move to HomeN0300 M30 – End Program