Free File Shredder vs. Purchased File Shredder

by : Sam Miller

You once created a document that contains classified information, such as your credit card information, your banking details, your social security number, and the like. But because of the growing security issues all over the Internet, and the very fact that your business requires you to go online most of the day, places your system at such risk of being infiltrated. Thus, there is a need to delete that file, and other files from your computer as well.

But what guarantee does the act of deletion give? Are you really sure that when you delete this file from your computer, it is completely deleted? You may think so, but in actuality, the file is still in existence to some extent.

When a file is created, regardless of the format it comes in, there is actually a certain space that is allotted to it. When you delete that file, you will no longer see the file in the folder that it was once created in. it would be moved to the Recycle Bin. And when you empty the contents of the Recycle Bin, you can no longer see the file, nor can you restore it to its original position. Or so, you think. Remember the memory space that was once allotted to the file upon its creation? This memory space is not deleted at all. In fact, it remains in limbo until such time that another file is created, to take its space. But what happens during this period of time? With the space still in existence, hackers and infiltrators of your system can actually use sophisticated software to retrieve the whole document that you deleted. Thus, merely deleting the file would still defeat the purpose altogether. File shredders are then in order here.

When you have a file shredder program installed onto your system, you actually shred the file into bits and pieces before it is completely deleted from your system. The algorithms and such would then make it close to impossible for hackers and infiltrators to retrieve the file in question. They would have to use very, very sophisticated applications and programs, if they would want the file retrieved in its entirety.

What’s more, file shredders actually follow guidelines that have been set by the US government itself. With this in mind, you would no longer have any questions and issues pertaining to security here.

If you are looking for a free file shredder for your system, well, you can easily find and download one from the web. But bear in mind that since these are only free applications, there is always the risk of experiencing glitches. But when you purchase file shredders online or from a local computer shop, you would find that these actually work better than the free versions. And since you are paying for the application, then you will have guaranteed access to all of the features that it offers. Plus, if the software you get comes with online updates, then you would also benefit from these updates as well. You are then sure to have the latest technology when it comes to file shredding. After allScience Articles, this is security we are talking about here. This should be worth the investment.