Great Plains Implementation and Support Internationally overview

by : Andrew Karasev

We will try to give you initial highlights, or in other words – where to begin your internal research and evaluation:

1.?????? GP international versions.? At this time, with version 10.0 GP is supported in USA, Canada (English and French), most of Latin America (except Brazil), plus in English speaking countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, UK, South Africa.? There are some countries, where GP is supported and localized by local MBS VAR: Poland is good example.? In Brazil and non-English speaking countries worldwide Microsoft sells and in most cases recommend Axapta

2.?????? ERP Localization definition.? If you are multinational corporation with the headquarters in USA, you may need some info on what localization is.? It includes two components: local language support and compliance with local country regulations: taxes, government reporting, etc.? Regarding language support.? GP is written in so-called Great Plains Dexterity p rogramming language and this tool doesn’t support Unicode, meaning that such languages as Chinese, Korean or Japanese could not be supported out of the box or even with reasonable customization.?? For Chinese installations, where you need some exposure to Chinese in GP interfaces, we recommend NJStar extensions to Great Plains

3.?????? Consolidated Reporting.? This is typically handled in FRx reports.? It supports such features as multicurrency, required in consolidating international subsidiaries

4.?????? DB Hosting.? We recommend you to consider first hosting all your Great Plains companies databases in your headquarters.? Then through VPN technologies you can have all your international offices work with centrally controlled and supported databases.? This approach works even if you have to implement localized versions of GP in various countries, as localization will reside in your GP company database and you will need to provide localized GP user workstation which could be hosted in international office

5.?????? Great Plains Licensing.? At this time MS licensing policy assumes that you pay for your GP licenses, based on the place where GP server is located

6.?????? GP remote support.? If you plan to control implantation and following support cost, then you should have your international offices to accept remote support model: web sessions, skype calls, remote desktop connections.