Why You Should Consider Getting a File Wiper

by : Sam Miller

When you have a lot of files that contain confidential information stored on your computer, what do you typically do? The correct answer here is to delete them as soon as you are done processing these files, so that no hacker can infiltrate your system and get hold of these classified files. This is a very important thing to do, especially when you are connected to the Internet for business day in and day out. By just being connected to the net, you are actually putting yourself at the mercy of the thousands upon thousands of hackers all over the world. The responsible thing to do here would then be to delete these files.

But is the deletion of files enough? Is the process guaranteed to keep classified information as secure as it should be? The sad answer to this is a resounding no.

Upon the creation of any type of file, there is actually memory space allotted to it. It does not matter what type of file you create, for there will indeed be memory space allotted to it. When you delete a certain file, the file does disappear from the folder that it used to occupy. This is because the file is moved from its original location to the Recycle Bin. However, the memory space that it used to occupy is not wiped out. You may wonder to yourself, what’s the big deal; it’s just memory space anyway? You just might be surprised at how much of a big deal this can be.

Hackers and infiltrators of computer systems can make use of sophisticated software and programs to retrieve the deleted file just from that remaining memory space. That particular memory space will continue to exist until such time that another file would be created and that memory space will then be overwritten by the space that has been assigned to the new file. During that period when the space is not yet overwritten with the new file, well, you would actually be at the mercy of the many hackers in the system.

You are then in need to have a file wiper installed in your system. With this application, you not only delete the file from the original folder that it used to occupy. You also wipe the space that it used to occupy as well. Thus, the reason behind the name of the software itself. The action of wiping here means that the memory space is completely wiped out of its existence. Thus, there would be no remaining bits and pieces of the old file that hackers can try to piece together.

There is also another advantage that you can enjoy with the installation of a file wiper. The application is actually very effective in the reinstallation of operating systems. Operating systems that have been badly infected with viruses, adware, spyware, and other types of malware need not be deemed useless when you have a reliable file wiper. The file wiper can conduct a complete cleansing and wiping of your hard disk, making it all the more easier to reinstall your preferred operating system. With these many benefitsComputer Technology Articles, having a file wiper does become a very appealing alternative!