Recent Cleaner Techniques and Methods

by : Sam Miller

One of the common problems that many computer users deal with every day is the deletion of recent files. When you delete files from whatever location, folder, or drive, these files are immediately shipped off to your recycle bin. When you empty out your recycle bin, it then becomes safe to assume that the files have been erased completely. Right? Wrong! Emptying the recycle bin does not give any guarantee that the files have been completely removed from your computer. With simple date recovery programs, these deleted files can still be recovered. Of course, these programs are the basic in line. There are more sophisticated equipment and applications that hackers can make use of, just to retrieve these deleted files, for whatever purpose it would serve them.

Some computer users resort to formatting or reformatting of their hard drives to effectively erase all recent files from their systems. Reformatting does present a better alternative, especially when you compare it to the mere deletion of files. However, you have to remember that this process merely erases what are known as address tables in your system. The deletion of address tables does make retrieval of the erased files more difficult to execute. But then again, any computer specialist who knows every nook and cranny of data retrieval can still do wonders. Most, if not all, of the data that have been deleted during the reformatting process can still be retrieved by computer specialists with the help of sophisticated equipment. Thus, computer users have to go beyond that step of reformatting.

Other effective methods include file shredders and disk wipers. Both of these methods work the same way, which is to go beyond the extra step of merely deleting files. File shredders, as suggested by the name of the software, digitally shred the files that are being deleted. This is done so that the components of the file would be shredded beyond recognition, and hackers would have trouble retrieving and compiling these shredded parts to form the file as a whole. The shredders also shred the memory space that was once allotted to the files that you are deleting

Disk wipers, much like shredders, make that extra step by wiping off the deleted files’ components, as well as the memory space once allocated to them. The software actually overwrites the space once occupied by the files many, many times so that the file and the space can be wiped off completely. With disk wiping, it would also be literally difficult for hackers and infiltrators to retrieve the deleted files piece by piece.

There are so many software applications that you can check when you want to get an effective application to erase your recent documents and files from your system. The smart option here is to browse online for these applications and avail of trial periods offered. This way, you won’t have to shell out much money to test the application’s features for a trial period. When you find that application with features that impress youBusiness Management Articles, you can then choose to purchase the complete version.