CD Duplication Services in the Arizona Area

by : Matt D Murren

There’s good news for Arizona residents looking for help in reproducing their wedding recorded on a mini DVD or their prize software they’re ready to market.? CD duplication services can get those copies out to you in a split!

1Stop Arizona CD Duplication Shop has very competitive rates.? They handle everything from beginning to end, from design to mailing/distribution.? If you want them to convert a VHS to DVD, they can handle it for just under $100.? If you have a BetaCAM SP, they can still accomodate you, but it will cost more.? 1Stop Arizona CD Duplication also remasters videos ($100/master; $50 for each short clip).

They can handle even the quickest turnaround.? Let’s say you neeed 1,000 copies ASAP—and at least 100 by tomorrow.? They can duplicate the 100 for you to speed up the turnaround, then use replication (which is more cost effective for large orders).? By combining speed and economic feasibility, you get the best of both worlds.? They can do replication in under three business days (although they must be contacted in advance to have arrangements made).

If you need less than 100 copies, they offe r retail locations throughout the state.? Fro more copies, simply contact their central headquarters, who will make sure the process is handled as efficiently as possible.?

Mediatechnics also gives its customers speed and quality.? They’ve been doing it for nearly two decades, so you know these guys have been around.? They focus on going “the extra mile” to get it done, and get it done on time.? They state that their quotes are unbeatable, as is their customer service.? They serve Apache Junction, Chandler, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Tempe, Tucson, and more.

Here’s some quick tips to help you decide where to go in Arizona:

  • The best companies don’t just take your money and send you out CDs.? They are willing to meet with you and discuss the most cost-effective solution—duplication, replication, or doing it yourself.
  • The best companies offer you some kind of guarantee to back up what they offer you.? You need to feel confident that you’re covered if anything unexpected should occur.
  • Weigh the options of turning to a private individual offering services versus an actual company.? You may get a good bargain, or you may get a disastrous product with a horrid turnaround...buyer beware!
  • Finally, the best companies keep up with the times.? That means they use the latest technological advances to ensure a product that is second to none.? Don’t be afraid to ask the company what process they go through in making the CDs.? That’s a good way to find out if the company seems knowledgeable in what they’re doing.