What Is Video Game Testing?

by : Matt D Murren

With the high amount of sales in the video game industry testing is in large demand.? There is no particular type of education or degree required for video game testing.? Once a person acquires this job their opinion about video games may change especially if they are expecting it to be all fun.? The problem is that the job will require playing the games over and over again to identify problems and mistakes.? While some of the mistakes will not be hard to locate, others will be extremely difficult to find.? Problems must also be documented.? Testing the game repeatedly for sporadic problems is hard because they may happen only at a particular point during the game and that has to be repeatedly tested.

Video game testing takes someone who is goal-driven, has a passion for the game, and a high tolerance for exhaustion.? Although the job may be hard for some, the pay compensation for it because it can pay up to $15 per hour. You also get to keep the games which keeps you from having to purchase so many in the video game store.

The games that are tested require various game system console platforms.? They include Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Wii, and PC computer games.? You will receive many games which haven’t been tested yet.? Beta testing is done at the last stages of creating a video game.? This is a critical stage where issues with playability and bugs in the games are tested and reported.? The three primary kinds of video game tester jobs are video game developer tester, a publishing company tester, and a reviews and guides tester.

Game tester clubs are a good tool for those who are interested in getting a good start as a game tester.? This is especially true for developers who want to get their product tested extensively.? If you want to become a video game tester, you should consider joining one of these clubs and begin making money.

Finally, here are some good resources that can help you begin working as a video game tester:

  • Game Tester Guide—This program has a lifetime membership.? You receive the games through the mail.? You play the games, fill out the survey, and send it back.? You will then receive a check.
  • Gamer Testing Ground—They get you connected with game testing opportunities quickly.? Through this program you can receive game titles which haven’t been released yet.? They put you in touch with contacts who will help you find work quickly.? Memberships are available to suit all budgets.