Typing In Comfort: Using An Ergonomic Keyboard

by : Leon Groom

Usually whatever type of keyboard is packaged with your computer when you purchase it, you tend to stick with for years. Have you ever wondered what all this "ergonomic" talk is about and what is different about your keyboard compared to theirs? And do you ever feel aching in your fingers or wrist after spending long stretches on the computer typing? Do you touch type or are you a two finger wonder worker?

Some people have come across an ergonomic keyboard before and had a go at using it. Because it feels different and not as familiar as their own one, they don't bother to find out why it is so and what the benefits consist of.

Most of us have to use the keyboard to type anything into the computer, although some have converted to the use of voice recognition technology. For those who are still using and prefer the "old fashioned way", you can make it easier on your hands, wrists, fingers, arms and back.

Don't wait until you have a problem before you consider making the investment. It will be much better for the future of your physical body if you try to get one as soon as you can so you don't put yourself through any further unnecessary pain or suffering. You need to be able to get as close as you can to the keyboard while you type, adjust angles and height to suit your individual needs.

For those who are unable to use correct touch typing practice, whether because you have never learnt or just never quite got the hang of it, these keyboards are superb. You can more easily memorize which keys are on which half of the keyboard, and will find in no time you have your own technique which is much less work for your hands, wrists, arms and posture.

The geniuses who can touch type at phenomenal speeds without so much as glancing at the keyboard, you are the hardest group to change! The reason being you know your keyboard so well you don't feel comfortable, and are perhaps a little daunted when everything isn't exactly where you expect it to be.

I guarantee you, if you try it even for a week, you will begin to love it! You will become a crusader for ergonomics just as so many before you, and you will be able to do so much more with even less effort in less time. You will notice a remarkable difference in the "softness and springiness" of the keys, so there is much less jarring on your joints, and once you get used to the angled split keyboards, you can finally relax your wrists like you never have before!

Take a leap of faith in those who know our bodies better than we do, and have studied these principles for a long time. Listen to the experts and try it, you truly will not regret it.