How Can I Plan A Fun Family Ski Vacation?

by : Mike Singh

It is time for the annual family vacation , and planning a ski trip may be something that will appeal to all the family members. Something different and yet exciting, the time to plan a ski vacation is six to eight months in advance - yet it is possible to find slots open within two weeks at some resorts. Making a list of what the family needs and wants, within the boundaries of their skiing expertise, form the types of ski resorts open to their vacation.

First of all, not all ski resorts are just open for winter activities in the winter - the Timberline in Oregon is open all year, and many other resorts have extended seasons. Some ski resorts have other sports activities during the spring and summer. The thing to remember is that everything within the ski vacation label has open options; the date of the vacation what type of ski resort is needed, the different type of winter sports, or the services that will be required.

If you have a family, choosing a ski resort that welcomes family and children would be important to know, as not all ski resorts are suitable for beginner skiers. The terrain and services in some of them are geared only toward advanced skiers, which rules out any first-timers for safety reasons regardless of the ages. If this is the family's first time skiing, check online for ski resorts with dedicated beginner areas, in addition to instructors and lessons.

Some resorts offer package deals with slow and easy lessons for small family groups, with transportation to the top of the beginner slope area. A full day of learning, appropriate skis, boots, poles, and a two hour lesson. Plus, emergencies do arise, so what happens if you have to cancel? If the resort does not have this or if some features are not available that is really wanted or needed, look somewhere else - all ski resorts want your business! A new family learning to ski is a learner's market, because without satisfied customers, they would not be in business.

It is also a good idea to not only begin looking for skiing and snowboarding activities, but also other activities to do. Some of these activities could be: special dining-out local sites; Apres-Ski activities such as concerts, clubs, or daily events at the ski resort ; other winter activities such as tubing or snowboarding; sight-seeing; shopping for things you know you will have room to take home; plus visiting historical sites for some resorts are extremely exciting and educational.

It's time to plan the family vacation - and everyone wants to go skiing, but unless skiing is done 24 hours in a row, a break now and then before going back to the slopes is not only fun, but exciting.

Where the family will sleep and eat is just as important as skiing itself, unless the ski resort is within driving distance of home. Check to see of there are slope condominiums available. For a whole family, sometimes this is an option, as you will not have to worry about finding transportation to and from the slopes every day. They usually have one or two bedrooms, a dining room or eating area, and a kitchen. The money a family will save on restaurants for three meals a day, plus the convenience, will more than make up for the added price of the condominium. If the condominium is out, see if there is a suite with a kitchenette.

If you have a vehicle, make sure there is outside access to the parking spot for skies and boots, or has a closet inside for their storage. Comfort at a reasonable rate should be a high priority, especially at the end of the day on the slopes. Aching muscles, cold, and tired may take on a new meaning the first time or two out. See if they have an exercise room, pool, Jacuzzi, or a sauna, not only for your body but for the children's "left-over" energy level!

Remember - it is YOUR market, so make the most of it!