Instant Messengers

by : Dee Owens

What is an instant messenger and why would you want one? Well an Instant Messenger is an innovative way to chat with friends, family, and even business associates all while you are online either at work or at home. Using them is as easy as signing online and opening the program. There are many different instant messengers on the market, one such messenger is Windows Live Messenger, which is an updated version of the Windows Messenger. Other such messengers are Yahoo, and AIM.

When deciding on which messenger you want to try, it is decision based upon need and ease of use. You want one that is easy to install, is compatible with your computer, and does what you need and want it to. Another thing to consider is how many problems or glitches the programs have, also how often is it updated.

When you go to set up your Instant Messenger, you might want to install any cameras and microphones in advance. Setting them up prior to installation will save you time getting them to work with your instant messenger. The messenger will simply detect them in your computer and adjust them for you. All of this happens the first time you use either of these features.

Now for those of us who cannot type very well or those who do not type at all, well then click the call or voice conferencing button on the messenger and be prepared to talk away. When you set up your webcam make sure, you have good lighting or a good camera, oh and brush your hair. Yeah I know we normally brush our hair anyways but remember they will be seeing a live picture of you.

For those of you in the corporate world, you can use instant messengers to help keep in touch with your employees, and online customers. Just imagine having all of your employees a click away no matter where they. It's possible whether they are online or if you have to give them a ring even text message them on their cell phones.

Also for those all important meetings where you need your hands free all you have to do is talk into your microphone. What if you need to show a presentation or something else? You can either upload an image and drop it into the messenger or set it in front of your webcam.

With all of these great features an Instant Messenger can fit all of your needs.