Wedding Plans: How To Cope With Wedding Stress

by : Kathleen

Planning a wedding, although a joyful experience, can also catch you off guard with large security deposits, hidden alteration fees, going over budget, and worrying about RSVPs, just to name a few. Preparing yourself for inevitable problems will help you look past the small inconveniences and concentrate on the joy of your wedding preparations. Here are some suggestions to keep stress at a minimum:

? Prepare for your day the evening before. Make a list of appointments, inquiries, and phone calls that need to be made. Schedule stressful tasks early in the day, then the rest of your day will be free of anxiety.

? Be prepared to wait. There will be delays with alterations, bridesmaids who miss appointments, shipping and delivery delays, and guests who take too long to respond.

? Set up contingency plans “just in case." If your budget is being depleted will not cover a luxury waterfront hotel, consider a charming bed and breakfast inn.

? Relax your standards regarding your parents, bridesmaids and guests. The world won't come to an end if one of your bridesmaids skips a fitting to go to a baseball game.

? Let someone give you a much needed “pep" talk

? Organize your home and keep all wedding related books, magazines, contracts, invoices, phone numbers and invitations all in one place.

? Do something for someone else. It will lift their spirits, and yours too!

? Learn to delegate jobs to helpful friends, family and relatives. They will be honored to be a more personal part of your wedding.

? Turn off your cell phone and allow yourself time—everyday for privacy, quiet, and introspection.

Coping with stress also means taking control of diet, exercise, relaxation activities, and just having fun. Try cutting back on fast food. Go for a bike ride, or visit a museum or art gallery. Practice slow, deep breathing, which is good for your health in any situation. All these things will enhance your well being and enable you to cope with the inevitable frustrations associated with planning a wedding.