Using Search Engines

by : Adrian Adams

Getting the best results when using search engines

Here are a few ways to boost your Internet search and get the maximum benefit without spending hours going through a mountain of irrelevant information:

Be Specific: Narrow down your search by being as specific as possible. Entering the keywords "Harley-Davidson motorbike dealership" would give you far more specific information than just entering any one of the words separately. If you added the area you are looking in, that would narrow it down even more and give you very precise results.

Refine your search: Use the + symbol when you want the search engine to focus on all the words that are entered. For a search on cancer you could enter cancer+ causes +symptoms+ cure+ prognosis to get a complete overview of cancer.

Advertising on search engines

With the phenomenal growth of the Internet, just about everybody uses search engines to find information on the World Wide Web. What better place to advertise your products or services than on search engines!! Here are the three most popular kinds of search engine advertisements:

Pay-per-click search engine advertising: You only pay the host website for the number of clicks on your ad.

Banner advertising: An eye-catching banner ad is placed on a web page, which when clicked, leads the viewer to the target site. Banner ads could be static with text and pictures or creative with flashing images that attract the viewer's attention.

Paid Inclusion: You pay the search engine a fee to include your web pages in its editorial listings.

With the sheer volume of people using search engines in everyday life, search engine advertising extends your reach across the widest target audience. Search engine advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing vehicles. Pay-per-click advertising on search engines costs just a few cents yet offers highly qualified leads as potential customers actively seek the advertised service or product. With pay-per-click advertising, results can be concretely measured and efficacy of the ad campaign precisely assessed. Advertisements placed on search engines can be amended at any time during the campaign without having to start from scratch.