Conference Calling Goes Global

by : Ajeet Khurana

Our lives have changed thanks to globalization. It has changed our ways of living. It has allowed us to avail of products and services that we could not have otherwise. It has opened our minds to what the rest of the world can offer. At the same time, it has also transformed our ways of doing business. Gone are the days when file cabinets and piles of paper dominated our offices. These days, a single computer can hold all our data. Any data that is required by us will only be a few mouse clicks away.

In a way, that reveals the new look of business. Convenience and speed have become necessities. Could that be a reason why many organizations are gradually choosing conference calls over the traditional business meetings? To begin with, business meetings usually involve a certain amount of delay. Even if the meeting starts on time, some amount of time will inevitably be lost while commuting to the meeting. That time might have been put to better use. Moreover, a good deal of time goes into preparing the conference room, inviting and assisting the delegates, and generally ensuring that there are no hiccups.

In addition to the waste of time, there are various kinds of costs linked with the traditional business meeting. Often enough, delegates have to be flown in from different places. This is more so these days, when the workforce is scattered across the world. Air fares and accommodation costs can adversely affect the company's budget.

Thus, more and more business organizations are looking to the conference call to have important discussions. This is especially important when the matter to be discussed is one of crucial importance and which cannot wait for a traditional business meeting. The "con call" as it is popularly referred to, provides a quick and efficient way to carry out discussions on a given matter. Moreover, the organization concerned then has to pay only for the conference call service, thus saving on larger costs like travel and hotel bills.

Also, conference calls need not be restricted to only domestic calls. International conference call services are easily available. Thus, one can simultaneously talk to someone from the same office building and someone living in a far-off land. These days, we have access to a variety of conference call service providers. The numbers of providers ensure that we will get good bargains.