Divorce Can Raise Bad Debt Levels

by : Gordon Edwards

Married couples with bad debts have problems enough, but if divorce is in the air, things could be about to get a whole lot worse. When you consider that bad debts can be a cause for it becomes clear that this is a big problem facing many people. You might think everything is split 50-50, but in real life, people have different earnings and have different responsibilities, and there could be only one name on certain crucial shared items like a mortgage or a loan. A stay-at-home mum might have sacrificed a career to bring up the kids, and such things need to be taken into account when making settlements, and all this without mentioning solicitors' fees.

The first problem might be the house. From two contributors to a mortgage there could suddenly be just one. In most cases this benefits neither party, as one person is effectively homeless and the other might end up paying double what they are used to. No two cases are the same, but some arrangement will have to be sorted out. There's also the economy of scale of having multiple occupants of a house. Food, heating, water, cooking, council tax and electricity bills will be much less per person when shared than spread over two homes. If a mortgage is shared, a house may be sold to buy two flats, for example, but again, two flats usually cost more than one house. No wonder people move back in with their parents!

It is important to get the debts sorted out at an early stage, as the approaching hits (larger bills etc.) cannot be avoided. If you're a homeowner – whether or not you still live there – you could be eligible for a secured loan. The low per month could really help you while you get back on your feet.

The good news is that you'll probably adapt to your new life quicker than you think. You need to keep a level head and realise that there's no partner to bail you out of a bad month, and that any slippage back into debt are within your power to avoid. It's a big step, but by consolidating and keeping a closer eye on your finances you can wave goodbye to your ball and chain once and for all.