Publishers Look to Service Oriented Architectures to Increase Profitability

by : 10x Marketing

More and more large publishing enterprises are following the leads of other publishing houses who have sought the help of Service Oriented Architectures, ( SOA) to increase workflow as well as profits.
An XML content server is an SOA that is built on top of an organization’s current content base to enable the organization to take full advantage of their content. XML refers to an Extensible Markup Language; a language recognized by the World Wide Web consortium, created for sharing text based information across the Internet and is quickly becoming a standard.
With an XML content server

  • Businesses can manage their own content repository with their own XML enterprise search

  • Any content whether images, content or audio can all be converted easily into XML

  • Make all content available online for a fee or make content accessible online only to authorized individuals

  • Rather than spend a lot of money re-creating content for online, enterprises can reuse and repurpose existing content

Publishers are looking for publishing software to help a publishing organization put all of their print products online, what publishers need is an SOA solution to easily reuse their content and make a profit publishing it online themselves.
Anyone who hasn’t been in a cave for the past 10 years knows that more and more people are looking for their answers online compared to going out to a store or library and purchasing a book. This evolving problem leaves print publishers thinking about new ways to make their content available online while still making a profit. With SOA products like XML content servers, publishing enterprises are able to re-use all of their current content and make it accessible online to only those who pay for access to it. Some of the publishing enterprises who have already taken advantage of SOA XML content structures are

  • Government agencies

  • Insurance companies

  • Airlines for aviation manual updates

  • Encyclopedic and textbook publishers

  • Any large content organization looking to manage their content

With new SOA solutions, publishing enterprises can help college professors build their own textbooks, organizations can save money by not re-creating the save content over and over again and any corporation can make a profit by making their information accessible through a fee or membership which helps search engine users and businesses alike.