Could You be Diagnosed With a "mousing" Injury?

by : 10x Marketing

As society develops and changes, so do new eating habits, injuries, work habits and even new diseases. With our computer lifestyles, who new what kind of interesting life changing issues would occur.
“Mousing,” the term for using one’s computer mouse functions has also become known as a descriptor of excessive computer mouse usage called a mousing injury. Most people who use their computer and computer mouse excessively know this type of pain. Sitting at a desk for hours with an arm outstretched and consistent tapping creates pain in shoulders, backs, necks, wrists and forearms. Who knew something so small could cause so much pain. The solution for many people and companies is switching to ergonomic computer mice. An ergonomic mouse is built in a way that is form fitting for the hand, easy on the wrist and arms.
Here Are Some Key Tips To Avoiding A Mousing Injury

  • If you don’t already have an ergonomic mouse, look into purchasing one

  • Keep your computer mouse as close to your body as possible so that your elbow doesn’t get fatigued

  • Use your arm and elbow to move the mouse instead of using just your wrist

  • Relax your grip on the computer mouse when you use it, gently use the computer mouse as you control it

  • If your computer mouse is lower than the rest of your laptop, you may be causing yourself some wrist and arm problems

  • Take mini breaks

If you think your current computer habits are not affecting your body, think again. Maybe a touchpad keyboard is really the answer for you. There are several different products on the market now that may just be the answer you are looking for to ensure you don’t have to make a trip to the hospital for reconstructive surgery or have to wear wrist guards for the rest of your life. According to statistics, about 50% of all computer users have some sort of corporal tunnel wrist problem. Make sure you don’t become a statistic and get the right computer mouse today.