Vundo.dll Needs to be Removed at Once

by : John A. Stevens

Vundo.dll is part of the Vundo and Virtumonde family of Trojans. This spyware is a rouge trojan and very bad stuff. If you are infected with vundo.dll then you need to remove it ASAP. This program goes out and downloads other malicious software onto your system. Common symptoms include a fake anti-virus program being installed onto your system, your home page being highjacked and a ton of pop-ups.

In order to remove this threat you have a few different choices. You can always just pay for someone to repair your system. The cost will vary but a few hundred bucks is not out of the question. This bad boy is hard to remove so it will cost you to have a pro do it. Online computer repair companies can remove it for a lot cheaper but your still looking to spend about 89 bucks on that.

Alternatively you can use a product like Spyware Doctor to remove this threat. Spyware Doctor can remove Vundo.dll from your system. You need to run the scan in safe mode in order to fully remove it but it does work.

A special free tool has been developed called Vundofix that works about 40% of the time at removing this threat. However most people find themselves infected again as soon as they reboot because Vundofix does not remove the other spyware programs and once you re-boot you re infected again. Vundofix does not offer active protection so that is why I don't even bother using this tool anymore.

Many people wonder how they got infected in the first place. The reason is two fold. The first is you did not have proper protection. If you have a good anti-spyware program you would not of been infected. Most of the time systems get infected via a fake video codec like Zlob Codec. In a nut shell the user goes to a website and they are asked to install a video codec to watch the video. Once the user clicks on the image the fake codec downloads and installs. If you had Spyware Doctor the installation would be blocked. Because you did not have enough protection the spyware was not blocked and you became infected. Now the trick here is often times the user has no idea until after they reboot. Only then does this program go out and download the other spyware software. From there you have nothing but a slow computer and a ton of pop-ups.