Virtumonde Trojan Removal

by : Jacob A. Erdei

If there is one trojan you never want to be infected with it's Virtumonde. This bad boy has been around for close to three years now and every time it mutates it gets worse. It's known mostly as rouge spyware that gets installed on the users system with out their knowledge. If you are infected with this then you also have several other spyware programs installed on your computer. Take extra care with this infection. If you have it you need to remove it at once before your system goes fully down.

The Virtumonde Trojan gets installed on systems mostly through a fake video codec. This is often called the Zlob.downloader media codec or some thing similar. It happens like this. You visit a site and someone posted a comment with a link to the latest top story or funny video. Your on this site all the time so you think nothing wrong with following the link. Now your are asked to install this video codec to watch the video clip. You install it and now you just fell for the trap. You are now infected and Zlob does it's magic and downloads Virtumonde and all kinds of fake anti-spyware software.

The good news if your looking for Virtumonde trojan removal is there are places out there that focus just on that one horrific strain. Places like Virtumonde have several guides on how to remove this threat and also offer free help to those that ask on their blog. Some clear signs you have this are tons of pop-ups, your home page is highjacked and you keep getting re-directed to fake anti-virus software pages. If this sounds like you then take action this minute to remove this trojan before your computer goes down for good.

It is not an easy strain to remove. I know many of you have dealt with spyware and trojans before but I have yet to find any one free software package to remove this threat. A combination of several all together can and will remove it but that will take ton's of man hours for the scans. There are some great paid for software out there that will remove this threat and you really should consider buying an anti-spyware client. The reason is two fold. You need to remove the current spyware on your system and at the same time you need protection in the future so this does not happen again. Whatever you currently have is not enough because you got infected.