Setting Up Your Own DVR Security Systems

by : Nahshon Roberts

Not only can you use a digital video recorder (DVR) to record your favorite television shows, you can use these devices to juice up your home security system. Read on to learn more about DVR security systems.

The Upside

Most DVRs have massive amounts of disk space to store up to a hundred hours of video. This is basically why you should use one for your home security system. If your family is on vacation and no one is left at home, you can record up to a month's worth of surveillance video with a DVR! With a system this powerful, your home is secure all the time.

Good Camera Placement

DVR security systems work best when surveillance cameras are placed in areas where valuables and money are kept, in your kids' room, and other places that may attract intruders. Put cameras over doors, hallways, and windows. The rule of thumb is to always mount your cameras high enough on corners to have a wider field of vision. Also, wires that connect the cameras together should be kept hidden. Your security system will be exposed to intruders if they see wires and cables all over the place.

Get A DVR Machine

With the cameras in place, hook them up to you personal computer and DVR. The best DVR security systems use wireless technology, but this is not really necessary for home use. Your DVR should be able to store large chunks of surveillance videos and burn them into DVDs. It should have security features such as motion detection and colored bar screens. When your budget is tight, you can always buy a DVR card to use your computer to keep surveillance videos. Install the DVR card inside your computer if you know how. But to be sure, you can ask an expert to do it for you. Using a DVR card is a cost-effective way to store hours and hours of video. However, DVR cards are not recommended for security systems with more than 4 channels.

Digital Video Recording Software

Efficient DVR security systems are always run with software that is dependable and easy to use. It is a good practice to install all the drivers and software that come with your DVR card or device to achieve full functionality. Do not mix and match your devices with flimsy third party software. Your DVR might become very unstable if you do so, basically ruining the entire system. If you feel that a particular piece of software is better than the one that goes with the package, ask an expert for functionality and compatibility issues. It may not be able to start your DVR, so better be safe than sorry.

You can find all kinds of DVRs in the market, each one unique in terms of form and purpose. You should not be too quick in spending your money over a device that is not appropriate for your needs. Remember, the best DVR security systems are efficient, not outlandish or excessive.