Nokia N95 Vs Apple Iphone: the Final Showdown

by : Cera Paul

It is now quite some time since the new Nokia N95 have been released in the market and is generating a lot of curiosity and appeal amongst the users. The market is so much dazed by the gadget that it seems to drive the other mobile phone manufacturers to come up with a similar product like this. It has also been tried by the manufacturers as LG and others and their gadgets have received a heartfelt response from the users. However, our main point of concern is a gadget which stirred the mobile phone market with its launch and it has become of the very best handsets of the contemporary times. Known to the world as Nokia N95, this mobile phone is ready to hit the mobile phone market in a new avatar as Nokia N95 8GB which has taken the mobile phone market by storm.

The N95 has revamped itself (though it maintains the same design of the original N95 which was released a year ago). The phone comes with a colossal memory of 8 GB whereas the original version comes with an expandable card slot. Also, the handset can store up to 6000 songs in its memory which makes it as a gadget par excellence. The mobile phone can also give your 20 hours of video that you can easily view through it. Thus Nokia has pulled up its strings with N95 8GB version to outshine the Apple iPhone. This phone is comes bundled with an array of high end features which makes it a fantastic device.

Apple iPhone comes with a full touch screen interface in comparison to Nokia N95 which has come as a slider device. The Nokia N95 8GB deals are available on all the major portals and online shops on the World Wide Web. And Apple iPhone has also been released in UK on November 9th. So, all eyes are set upon these heavy duty mobile phones which are going to rock the mobile phone market of UK.