Check Gmail On Your iPhone Using This Easy IMAP Setup

by : R.t. Markovsky

Most of us have heard that Gmail is fast becoming the top email client worldwide. There are several reasons why this is happening. First, Google provides all of the Gmail accounts with a continuous escalating amount of storage space. In addition, the Gmail interface is very simple and a no-brainer to use. Google has made sure their email service is similar to their Google search engine, meaning there are no ads splattered all over your page, which enables you to find whatever information or emails that are needed quick as a flash. So, for those who are continuously on the move, you absolutely want the ability to access your Gmail account whenever and wherever you might be.

Those of you who own an Apple iPhone are no doubt wondering how your Gmail account can be integrated with your iPhone to allow the viewing of your emails to be literally as easy as looking at your iPhone screen.

A recent announcement from Google states that one can now add a protocol to an iPhone strictly for Gmail account access. This recent IMAP application now allows those that have Gmail accounts to now view their email on an offline email reader. This application is perfect for those that have an iPhone. It is very simple to first install and then run the IMAP application on your iPhone. This installation on your iPhone will now allow you to integrate your iPhone seamlessly to your personal Gmail account.

Your first step in this process is to log into your Gmail account and enable IMAP. After logging in, go to "Settings". After that, next click on "Forwarding" and "POP/IMAP", and finally click on "Enable IMAP".

When you have completed the above, pick up your iPhone and first tap "Settings", and now tap "Mail". After completion of those two tasks, you must make sure to click "Add Account". OK, when you are done with doing these steps, don't click the Gmail option. This option has not been updated to the latest IMAP settings. Instead, you will want to click "Other". Once you have finished that step, you can begin entering your personal information. Start by entering your "Name", then enter the "Host Name", which is:"imap(dot)gmail(dot)com". Once these steps have been finished, you must enter your personal Gmail account address, which will have the @gmail(dot)com at the end of your username. For example (your-user-name @gmail(dot)com)

Now you move to the "Outgoing Mail Server", or "SMTP". Under "Host Name" you should enter:"smtp(dot)gmail(dot)com". Finally you must save all of these entries. That was easy! Your IMAP Gmail account is now set up. You now can view all of your old and new Gmail messages.

In today's fast paced world the ability to check your email, no matter where you are, is extremely critical. It makes no difference if you are a serious business person who needs continuous access to email, or a student who wants the ability to check messages between classes in school, you can now do so on your iPhone after you activate your IMAP service. Since communication is a key factor in our society, and if you cannot quickly reply to email messages, you may suffer professional or social consequences. Now with your iPhone properly enabled for Gmail, you can stay connected to the world surrounding you, regardless of your location.