Womens Love Affair with Shoes

by : Jane Ng

To most women, shoes mean more than merely keeping one's foot covered. Never mind if the pair of shoes cause blisters or that we have already lost count of the number of shoes at home which are on the verge of bursting out of the shoe cabinet.

Women, it seems, are bestowed with a pair of laser-sharp eyes. that has the ability to spot the most gorgeous pair of shoes displayed deftly on top of the shelves in the distance. Naturally, our eyes are immediately drawn to its alluring beauty and then we just have to lay our hands on it. Perhaps you don't know, but really, each time we see a pair of pretty shoes, the feeling of owning them is simply euphoric.

It is really not hard to understand why women need more than one pair of shoes. The color of our shoes reflects our mood for the day. For instance, slipping on a pair of red strappy heels makes us feel sexy so it's a good day to blow some sweet whispers into our ears. Donning a pair of black boots allows us to exude a sense of authority, an implicit sign of saying “Don't mess with us”.

Like people say, dress up for the occasion. And indeed, each pair of shoes is meant for a different event. We don't want to strut around in the wet market in our stilettos and we are pretty sure the men will not be delighted if we appear at a cocktail party in a shabby-looking pair of flip-flops. Besides, the shoes are the ultimate accessory which is crucial to the fashion statement that we make. They can brighten up the whole outfit instantly and enhance our style of dressing.

If you want to get to know your woman better, you will not go wrong by first understanding her love affair with shoes. Let's get started!

  • Casual Sandals/Flip-flops
    There are times when we just need a pair of comfy casual sandals to take a stroll in the nearby park, have fun at the beaches or visit the supermarket. However, it does not mean that these sandals should look dull or boring.

    Besides being gentle on the feet, casual sandals may come in the form of flowery flats or metallic thongs to create a summery, laid-back look.

    U.R.S Inc. has a range of casual footwear which are stylish and reasonably priced without compromising on the quality and comfort. You can find U.R.S at Parco Bugis Junction or at various departmental stores such as Isetan, Takashimaya and Metro. Or check out the comfortable yet trendy Birkenstock or the latest craze which has taken the island by storm, Crocs.

  • Ballet Pumps
    Unlike heels, a good pair of ballet pumps won't have us hobbling within a few minutes of slipping them on. These are comfortable shoes with lots of style! The best thing about them is that they go well with anything from shorts, skirts, dresses to pants. This shoe store will not leave a hole in your pocket.

    At PrettyFit, Ngee Ann City , you can find shoes are adventurous in their design using ethnic embroidery, beaded patterns and suede trimmings--a variety to suit every occasion.

    In terms of comfort, some of these ballet pumps may cause blisters at first. However, they do become more comfortable with each wear such that after a while, we simply can't bear to part with it, even after it starts to look worn out. Oh well, I guess then it is time to get another pair!

  • Wedges
    Wedges are fun, sexy and surprising comfortable! They are thick-soled shoes with soles that come in range of materials including cock, rattan or even plastic and in designs such as embroidered fabric, ribbons or patent-leather.

    Besides its unique style, comfort plays a part in the popularity of wedges. Wedges distribute the body's weight over the entire surface area of the sole thus lightening the burden on the feet. In addition, they offer the leg-lengthening effect of high heels without the pain because of the narrow heel and slight arch at the sole. Wedge-soled shoes go well with leg-baring half-length pants, cropped pants, and billowy skirts. You can find some pretty yet comfy pair of designer wedges at Stuart Weitzman.

  • Strappy Heels
    Every girl needs a flirty pair of strappy heels. Perfect for a girls' night out or for a romantic date, these strappy heels add a touch of elegance to our style. Heels make us look taller, have a curvier figure and feel more confident. In addition, they go well with dresses, minis and even jeans!

    Probably one of the best places to shop for ladies' footwear, this department store offers a wide selection for every occasion and preference. Most of the shoes are from its in-house labels, so the designs are indeed very unique and trendy. The best thing is that its prices are affordable - a pair of dressy heels costs only about S$69.

    By the way, a gentle reminder: Never make us run for buses in our strappy heels or sprint across the road in our strappy heels. It is not a pretty sight.

  • Stilettos
    The sister of strappy heels, stilettos are our best friends when we need to feel confident, show authority and look powerful. Nine West, located at Wisma Atria, produces drool-worthy stilettos for the upmarket consumers.

    Otherwise known as killer-heels, the stilettos allows us to exude an air of aristocracy as we strut down the red carpet. And of course, never step on our toes when we are in our stilettos, because our pointy heels will not spare any mercy.

The fact that shoes are not affected by weight gain is also a reason why women can't stop buying shoes. For instance, I might not look good in certain clothes on my shopping trip, but look at all those pretty shoes! Almost like a match made in heaven, it complements my feet so well. Besides, it doesn't hurt to add on to my collection of shoes.

Sometimes it is really works the same way as why men are crazy over cars and technological gadgets. Simply put, women are in love with shoes.