Top Local Celebrities Bare All For Charity Project

by : Johnson Ong

Top local celebrities, such as, Michelle Chia, Charmaine Harn, Jaymee Ong, Mark Zee, society ladies J amie Cuaca and Celina Lin, as well as ex-MTV twins, May and Choy, are part of a list of over 20 local and regional celebrities, who have agreed to bare all in an unprecedented coffee-table photography book. The initiative is a charity project aimed at raising funds for efficiently-managed charitable organisations in Singapore .

Helmed by professional photographer and watch expert, Dominic Khoo, the book will capture the celebrities baring their emotions in their most vulnerable and private moments. This brings across the message that despite their often-times glamorous public personas, celebrities feel pain, sorrow, joy and happiness in their personal lives, just like anyone else. To bring home the point, the celebrities have all agreed to pose nude for the camera, wearing only their emotions. As part of the purist mentality, Khoo will not be touching-up or making any computer graphics enhancements to the images.

Khoo commented, “The concept behind the book was born from my own personal experience in projecting a strong and happy exterior while battling the grief I felt inside, following the sudden loss of my late mother. I wanted to portray this by profiling celebrities, to show that no matter how glamorous they look on the outside, when stripped bare, they are like anyone else."

NMP and Ex-Miss Singapore-Universe, Eunice Olsen, a committee member for the project, explained, “Being Asian, we tend to keep our feelings buried inside, but I hope this book will send the message that no matter who you are, everyone goes through moments of sorrow and joy; it is all part of the healing and growing process. I am heartened that everyone who is involved in this project is committed to ensuring that all the proceeds from this project will go to a charity that truly deserves it."

One hundred percent from the proceeds of the book will go to efficiently-managed charity(s) that will be determined at a later stage. Khoo adds, “The celebrities involved and myself have agreed that the aim is to have every dollar from the sale of the books go to the under-privileged, and that no individual or corporation should enjoy monetary gains from this project. This is a purely charitable cause to benefit those in our society who are truly in need."

Funds will be raised from the sale of the charity book. A limited number of copies will be printed, of which some may be auctioned off and others will be sold through the official site – All production costs have been donated by various parties.

Companies or individuals who wish to support the project should contact Dominic Khoo at