A gift for your Child

by : Angela Minster

Around Christmas and the New Year is the time when nice and kind fairy-tales comes to every house as is normal at the end of the year. These fairy tales bring many presents and gifts; with children waiting with anticipation for such presents. They believe that Santa Claus does exist and he will give them the most long-awaited gifts they crave for. Christmas – is the time when all our cherished wishes, desires and dreams can come true.

Very often we have to choose what to give our children and this choice is not an easy one at all. On the one hand: children and parents must like the present, but, on the other hand- it must be at a reasonable price and value for money. We are here to try and help you in this difficult matter.

We suggest we divide children into three categories and then help to find a suitable gift for them:

  • Under 3 years old. The child does not have any requirements at this age as yet.
  • From 3 to 12 years old. The child at this age understands many things, he /she has her own material and spiritual values as well as interests.
  • Upwards 12 years. The most difficult age, but not impossible.

A gift for a child under 3 years old:

  1. The gift predominantly must be safe. It should not contain any tiny parts and components, or have any sharp angles. It must not be frightening or ugly. Please remember the child at this age is often still very clumsy and may hurt themselves with the sharp details or swallow small parts.
  2. A present should correlate the intellectual development of the child. If it is a baby – better give him or her nice brightly coloured and imaginative rattle.
  3. A gift must help a child to develop mentally and physically. Nowadays there are a lot of toys that develop movement coordination, dexterity, logic etc.

Toys. Rattles and mobiles and all similar articles are right for babies under 1 year. You may wish to give wooden toys, cars and dolls to children that are elder than 1 year.

A book is suitable present for the children upwards 2 years old. Bright and colourful pictures help a little one to open the rich world of colours, educate them towards animals and external worldly objects such as trains cars, planes …A book is the best gift for all ages.

Meccano. They develop logic and spatial thinking. Various wood and plastic bricks will bring a lot of joy for your little one.

Playing Set. There are a great number of playing sets for home, sand-boxes…are one and need careful deployment but bring hours of fascinating discovery.

A gift for a child from 3 to 12 years old:

At this age a child has his own interests and preferences. It would be better to get to know his or her interests: whether he or she has his favourite film or goes in for particular sport…You have to take into account his or her interests, let look at some ideas:

Toys. They are still relevant, only now you may give more complex and comprehensive toys.

Table or computer games. Here you may find any game for any age, just read the inscriptions on the game box; the age is always indicated there.

A gift for an energetic child. In this case you may give all that is connected with the moving games: ball, bicycle, push-cycle, hockey stick, tennis set or badminton set etc.

Computer or add-on device. Only do not forget to control the pastime of your child in front of computer, because the long sitting in front of it harms the health.

Video cassette or DVD. You may give cartoons, movies as well as popular science films.

A gift for a child upwards 12.

When a child goes through this age it becomes increasingly complicated to please them. There interests sharply change; toys are of little importance now. We thoroughly recommend you to take his interests into consideration, because teenagers are very sensitive.

Book. It is suitable for that category of children that like to read.

A gift for an energetic child. Here is more fitting to recommend such things as sports equipment and accessories to it like: dumb-bells, weights, tennis rackets, roller skates, skateboard, skates…

Jewelry for girls. Girls began to devote more time to their appearance. Earrings, bracelets or a chain will give great pleasure.

A gift for a music lover. Almost all young people are keen on music! CD of his/her favourite performer, new head-set, mp3 player will cater for their tastes.

A gift for a computer beginner. If your child goes mad on computer, then any computer device will be perfect as a present: a new ergonomic keyboard, modern wireless mouse, modem, a new video display card, flesh, handbag for CDs…

A personal vehicle. Teenagers dream of a mountain bicycle as it gives a great feeling of independence and freedom.

A mobile phone. Very useful thing and parents can contact any time with their children.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and have a great Christmas shopping Experience!