Wedding Gift Idea

by : Chris Robertson

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and that means weddings - and wedding gifts! Finding the perfect wedding gift isn't always easy, but there are some fabulous name brand items you can give that will be treasured throughout the couple's entire lives. One unique gift idea is to give a matching pair of painted glass toasting flutes that are painted with a wedding theme.

What is Name Brand Painted Glass?
Name brand painted glass is beautiful hand-painted glassware with unusual and profound artistic designs. With toasting flutes, there may be heart designs such as on the 'Brides Heirloom and Grooms Remembrance' design or swirling fancy lines such as on the 'Victorian Bride and Renaissance Groom' design. Some name brand toasting flutes even come with a matching cake plate that's hand painted with a similar design.

A Wedding 'Toast' from the Couple
One of the most relaxed times at a wedding is when the bride and groom feed one another a bite of wedding cake during the reception and then make a toast to everyone with their toasting flutes (and also to the camera, of course). This is a more relaxed time because they've finally said 'I do' and have finished with the major photos. If you give a useful gift such as name brand painted glass toasting flutes, your gift might even be used at the reception! Even if not, it will be a great keepsake for the couple to treasure for years to come.

The Bridal Shower
As mentioned before, a gift such as name brand toasting flutes might possibly be used at the wedding reception. So, it's a good idea to give gifts such as these at the bridal shower before the wedding. If she hasn't bought her wedding toasting flutes as of yet, she might be relieved to get your gift.

Wedding Anniversary Favorites
At wedding anniversary parties, there's often a toast similar to the one at the original wedding reception. Here's an idea for your wedding gift. Put a card inside the gift box with the painted toasting flutes that says, 'Save these for your first wedding anniversary party - tenth, twentieth, or fiftieth!' This will not only give them something beautiful to keep for many years, but will also relay your confidence in them as a new couple and 'paint' a bright future for their marriage!

Affordable Wedding Gift Idea
Name brand painted glass toasting flutes are not only lovely, but they are also very affordable. Without the matching wedding cake plates, the toasting flutes are usually priced at around $28.00. With matching wedding cake plates, the price is around $48.00.

If you shop at an online mall, you can usually get these fabulous prices, and you'll be able to shop for your wedding gifts from the comfort of your own home! You can also pick up other great gifts at cheap prices while at the online mall such as electronics, jewelry, outdoor items, games, and As Seen on TV items.

A lovely pair of name brand painted glass toasting flutes will make a wonderful gift for weddings, anniversaries, and other formal occasions. They are beautifully designed so they'll never be out of style.