Ways to Get Rich

by : Han Ming

The Rich and Millionaires think and see the world differently. They adopt a millionaire mindset. You will be a rich if you adopt these 13 habits to your daily life. 

13 Simple
Ways to Get Rich

Follow these 13 ways to get rich

1) Create your own destiny
Rich people never blame, justify and criticize like most people. Rich people know that when they start to blame and criticize, they will become a victim.

2) Play to Win
Rich people play money game to WIN but most people play money game NOT TO LOSE. What is the difference between these two? Rich people play money game to WIN megabucks where as most people play money game just to get enough money for themselves.

3) Be 100% committed to be rich
Most people only WISH to be rich and they don't mind not being rich. Rich people have a strong desire to be rich and successful. They know that becoming rich is their top priority and they just cannot accept not being rich.

4) Think BIG.
They set challenging goals for themselves and take massive action.

5) Focus on Opportunity
Opportunity always comes with obstacles. It's like a package; you cannot just take opportunity and 'throw' the obstacles. When there are challenges and obstacles, most people will focus on them and then give excuses like 'I'm too young', 'I don't have enough money' and eventually got them into believing that they are doom to be poor forever. Rich people focus on opportunity instead of obstacles.


6) Do more than expected
Rich people are value creators. Value creators have the habit to do a lot more than what is expected. If they are paid $3,000, they will work as if they are being paid $10,000. If they are expected to generate $20,000 worth of profits, they will create $50,000 worth of value! Theses people are the one who get promoted super fast and get their income doubling or tripling every year.

When Michael Jordan was asked how he became the worlds greatest basketball player, he replied, 'I expect more from myself than anyone would ever expect from me! When my coach expects me to train 3 times per week, I would train 5 times. When my coach expects me to score 15 points for each game, I would score 36 points! That is why I'm the best in the world'.

7) You must be bigger than your problems
When problem comes many people will be discourage and let the problem happens without resolving it. Rich people will try to solve their problems.

8) Get paid based on results
They chose not to get rich by time. Rich people know that the wost possible way to be financially independent is to sell your time. They choose to make money based on performance and results

9) Focus on your net worth
People with big cars or house are not necessarily rich. They may have lots of loans and debts.

10) Manage Your Monel Well
They take calculated risk before investing their money. Most people spend most of their money on luxury things after their paycheck. But rich people their money and in opportunities that help their money grow.

11) Never Quit
Most people quit because of fear, doubt and worry. Rich people act in spite of FEAR, doubt and worry.

12) Constantly learn and grow
Rich people are willing to learn from other people without looking at others' education, age etc.

13) Find ways to make your money work hard for you
The way to get rich is to know how to look for an opportunity, invest in it and then see their money grow. But most people work hard for money. They sacrifice their time for more money.

If you can master and follow these 13 ways to get rich, you will be guaranteed of a successful and rewarding life ahead. Of course, do not forget your prayers too.