Plastic Surgeons Offer an Innovative Approach to Rhinoplasty

by : Lloyd M. Krieger, MD-7577

The nose is the center of our face. As such, it always grabs the attention of those who look at us. Its appearance helps create our overall facial harmony. The nose also has an important functional component. It does our breathing. Its function is complex and any alterations done to the nose can have profound effects on our ease of breathing.

Among plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty is perhaps the most challenging. This procedure is often called a nose job. Paying attention only to aesthetics can lead to problems with breathing following this plastic surgery procedure. Paying attention only to breath flow can compromise aesthetics. To best deal with these issues, our plastic surgeons work to overcome these potential difficulties by using their different perspectives to focus simultaneously on improving both appearance and function.

Because of its equal importance in appearance and breathing, our plastic surgery Los Angeles specialists have developed The Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty. Our two plastic surgeons do all of our rhinoplasties as a team. We have different but complementary training and backgrounds that they apply to your rhinoplasty. This interdisciplinary approach provides you with the benefit of a broad perspective and skills during your evaluation and treatment. We give equal focus to the cosmetic and functional aspects of rhinoplasty in California.

During nose surgery, people sometimes want to remove the bump in their nose, make the nose more narrow, help with breathing, make the nose less crooked, or refine the tip. It is important that people communicate their concerns about their nose to the surgeon in order to obtain the best outcome.

The Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty is beneficial for all rhinoplasties, and that's why we always bring this approach to nose surgery. But in some cases, we believe it is especially useful. Some of these complex situations where our approach brings added benefit include ethnic rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and rhinoplasty for men. These types of procedures can be especially challenging and this approach serves to help provide the best possible results from the Los Angeles nose job.

The recovery from rhinoplasty varies for each person, just like for any plastic surgery procedure. Sometimes there will be some bruising for a week or so. We sometimes put packing in the nose for a few days, and you will have to breathe through your mouth during this period. You may have a plaster or silicone splint on your nose for about a week. Most people have very little discomfort following the procedure. Almost everyone tells us that the improvements in their appearance and function are well worth any short-term inconvenience.