Youll Go mad Over Sony Ericssons New Handsets

by : John Gray

If you are a die hard Madonna fan you may be pleased to hear that her new album Hard Candy will be integrated into selected Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Unfortunately you won't be able to purchase one of the handsets from the UK, but you will be able to pick one up in 27 other countries! Unfortunately these countries are yet been confirmed.

Sony Ericsson and Warner Music International have announced that they will enable Madonna's eleventh studio album, Hard Candy on the selected handsets.? Sony Ericsson say that high profile marketing campaigns in each of the countries that the handsets will be released, will promote the new mobile phones for Warner Bros. Records. ?

There will be two pre-loaded phone packages available, one containing five tracks and one containing the full album.? Both packages will come with extra content including wallpapers and ringtones to give you the ultimate Madonna experience on your handset.

In January Sony Ericsson unveiled their next step in the development of their over the air download service - the PlayNow platform.? Warner Music Group has announced that they are amongst the companies partnering with Sony Ericsson to add over five million new tracks to the platform.

So whether you like Madonna or just simply want some extra music on your mobile phone it seems Sony Ericsson is the handset to go for!