What Is A Mission Statement?

by : Sue and Chuck DeFiore

In order to do your mission statement you need to be able to answer the following:

Why should this business exist?

Who will be its customers and how will it benefit them?

Why will they be better off?

These questions are easy to answer for Lease Purchasing. Why should it exist because it provides a creative strategy for both buyers and sellers to either move their home or get into a home in 30 days or less; saves them money, gives them more options, etc. If you don't know all the advantages by now, go back and read them in our previous newsletters. Again, who will be its customers and how will it benefit them - easy. Sellers and buyers of homes, and again all the advantages of lease purchasing for buyers and sellers. The last question, why will they be better off - again, easy, we move the sellers home in 30 days or less and get a good tenant/buyer in there who pays on time, takes care of the property, etc.

For those of you thinking of running other than a lease purchase business you need to look at these questions and answer them very thoroughly, before you move on to your business plan.

For example, a computer training instructor might answer the above questions in the following way.

Why Should The Business Exist? To provide computer instruction to those unemployed, those looking to improve their skills, to provide companies with the ability to re-educate, or update their employees.

Who will be its customers and how will it benefit them? Customers will come from employment agencies, small to mid-size companies utilizing certain computer programs, and state agencies.

Why will they be better off? We will provide one-on-one instruction, with notes and follow-up calls for a six month period after the class. We will walk them through a problem they might have at work.

Now you've got the concept of a mission statement. You need to apply it to the business your interested in running, and see if that business passes the test. Many times, a great idea dies because there is no real need for the business to exist. Don't let that happen to you.

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