Liposuction Costs Facts

by : Celia Namart

A cosmetic surgery done to remove fat from different parts of the body is known as liposuction. The other names for liposuction are lipoclastic and suction lipectomy. Canola and aspirator are the instruments used to remove the fat. Liposuction is usually done on the abdomen, thighs, breasts or buttocks.

We all know that regular exercise can help in reducing weight. But in certain cases, even regular exercise and workouts may not be effective to shed those last extra pounds. Therefore, in these situations, using liposuction techniques is an ideal option.

However you must note the fact that liposuction isn't a weight loss technique, it is a process of body contouring. The standard amount of fat removed is approximately around 5 kgs or 10 pounds, although the amount being removed depends on doctor, the patient and also the technique being used.

Not everyone has a clear idea on how much a liposuction would cost. If you are planning to have liposuction performed, then it is suggested that you know the price of the surgery before you end up being surprised. There are certain factors on which the liposuction cost is dependent on. The factors are as follows:

  • The number of areas from where the fat is to be removed
  • Your body type
  • The amount of fat to be removed

Apart from the above, liposuction cost is also dependant on the doctors who perform the surgery. You might be offered discount on the rates if you want to treat multiple areas of the body. The price of the surgery may however include some additional procedures that usually follow the liposuction.

Different plastic surgeons consider different aspects in structuring their fees. Some surgeon's fees depend on the time consumption while others may take into account the number of procedures done at the time of the surgery and there are some surgeons who structure their fees on the amount of fat being removed. Owing to the different ways of determining the liposuction costs, the patient must have a comprehensive discussion on the price prior to the surgery. The patient should make sure that they are comfortable with the conditions on which the price was quoted.

Let us sum up the different factors on which the total of liposuction cost may be dependent. Geography, surgeon fees, hospital fees, anesthesia costs, garments, medications, etc. are the different factors. So, while discussing the cost before hand, if you feel the price quoted to you is low, then do not hesitate to ask what is included in the fees and what will be the additional costs.

If you feel it is the time for you to contour and remodel your body then go for liposuction and of course, verify the prices in advance. However, in spite of the tempting aspect of a newly shaped body, you must know that the recovery process may be somewhat uncomfortable. It usually takes a few weeks to get back into action. There are certain medications that might help in assuaging the pain. So just take your time to get back to your old, normal routine.

Although, Liposuction can bring about a change in your life for the better, make sure you pay the right amount and the money spent will be worth it.