Choosing the Right Liposuction Surgeon For The Right Reasons

by : Lavinia Montescue

Liposuction surgeons are smiling in recent years. After all, the liposuction surgery industry has turned into a $20 billion dollar industry a year. It seems the demand for cosmetic procedures are on the rise as obesity grows and becomes an epidemic. People who are hoping for a quick fix are turning to liposuction surgeons to rid them of their obesity.

Statistics that were recently released show an increase in liposuction procedures that could be considered alarming by some. In just one year, there has been a 30% increase in liposuction. Why is it alarming? Liposuction is the removal of fat. The reason liposuction is on the rise is because obesity is on the rise and more and more people are looking to liposuction procedures as a form of weight control. What really should happen is a healthy lifestyle combined with liposuction, and then after liposuction a complete plan to ensure the pounds remain off. However, with liposuction prices, surgeons aren't complaining about the increase.

Rarely is liposuction a remedy for medical condition unless you agree with some liposuction surgeons who argue that obesity is considered a medical condition. In truth, abdominal liposuction or any other form of liposuction surgery is cosmetic in nature just as a facelift or Botox are cosmetic. Obesity needs to have a lifestyle plan in place before liposuction surgery is undertaken. Besides, with liposuction prices, most people can only afford the procedure once.

Liposuction surgeons suck the fat out of the parts of your body that you want to be thinner. The thighs and abdomen are the two main problem areas, which is why there is so much abdominal liposuction done. The actual skill required to do liposuction is minimal according to BAAPS president McGeorge who says 'I could teach a four year old to do it.' The part that requires skill is the re-sculpting of the body after the liposuction so that excess skin is removed without excessive scaring and the body is proportional.

Modern times do not hold the same stigma against liposuction surgery. In fact, a liposuction clinic complete with liposuction surgeons is common place and people no longer hide that they are having liposuction surgery, whether it's facial liposuction, neck liposuction, abdominal liposuction or some other form. After all, the procedure has been around forever.

You may not be aware that there is also a risk with liposuction surgery just as there is with all surgery. It is however quite low, with 1% of liposuction procedures resulting in some type of complication and 20% of those complications being serious. One way you can reduce your risk is by ensuring you do your research on the practicing liposuction surgeons and then choosing one with a low incident rate.

Most liposuction surgeons will tell you that liposuction surgery is only a step in the process of eliminating obesity. They will go on to add that obesity treatment starts with a healthier lifestyle, which should include healthier eating and exercise. This will result in the burning of fat. Only then can liposuction be effective long term.

Liposuction costs are significant and unless you plan to incorporate dieting with your abdominal liposuction treatment, the weight will not stay off. After your liposuction procedure, if you incorporate exercise and healthy eating, your stunning new body will last you a lifetime.

Besides, liposuction costs are not cheap and although it is worth every dime to have resculpting work done, it would be a poor use of money if you don't follow the diet plan. In fact most liposuction surgeons will not do liposuction surgery under those conditions.

Cosmetic surgery is big business. Botox, tummy tuck, face lifts, the list could go on and on and liposuction surgery is one of those cosmetic surgery procedures that are high in demand for both men and women. Liposuction surgeons certainly have no fear of decreasing work load especially as obesity has reached epidemic proportions.

There are liposuction surgeons around the country - skilled surgeons that can take care of your liposuction procedures and your resculpting. When you do your homework properly, you will know which liposuction surgeons you should entrust your body and your life too.