How To Choose A Good Tent

by : Lee MacRae

Without a doubt, many people enjoy the delights of camping out in a beautiful setting in a traditional tent. Just imagine it. The sounds of nature, the s mel l of the fresh air. No doubt distinct from your regular, busy life. Being one of those who loves tenting out, you no doubt recognize that a good tent will be key to camping success. This article will discuss how to choose a great tent for your next adventure.

Contemplate Your Needs
Anyone in the market for a camping tent should think about what you need in what you buy. Of utmost importance should be an exceptionally strong camping tent, one that is of waterproof construction and also extremely durable. Don't ever forget to look for these and it doesn't matter if you and your friends set up camp in the lush tropics or the Arctic Circle . Always remember the first priority of a tent is to provide shelter. And make sure you do your research. All you really need is a stiff wind or a downpour to illustrate the differences between a quality camping tent and the one designed specifically for the fast sale at a discount store.

If you don't want to wake up soggy every morning, make sure you get a tent with adequate ventilation. Your body will release moisture as you sleep and it needs somewhere to go. Make sure you have zippered openings or mesh panels to eliminate the moisture.

Understand Size Of Tents
The size in square footage inside a tent will increase a lot by just going up one size. No matter which type you are pondering, always get one that gives you all the space you need. If you can't tell which size will do, take a piece of chalk and lay out the length and width on your driveway. Next, mark out any items you and your family plan on having in the tent. Now you can see how the floor area in consideration works. You can also compare the price difference between the extra space you get if you went with the larger size.

Use the following as a guideline on size of tent and floor area:

  1. A 10x12 (120 square feet) tent is 50% larger than an 8x10 [80 square feet] tent

  2. A 12x14 (168 square feet) camping tent is 40% larger than a 10x12 [120 square feet] tent

  3. A 14x16 (224 square feet) camping tent is 33% larger than a 12x14 [168 square feet] tent

  4. A 16x20 (320 square feet) tent is 42% larger than a 14x16 [224 square feet] tent

The floor plan layout of the tent and possible side pockets or built-in storage can affect the room a great deal. Take it all into consideration.

Determine Camping Seasons
The most common camping tents on the market are the three season tent. You can use them for camping in any season but winter. They have good ventilation for camping during warmer months and often come with mesh windows that zipper close when the temperature drops. The design of these tents makes them great in normal wind and rain. This is the favorite camping tent for backpackers and car campers.

If winter camping is on your agenda, if you camp out in areas where you have high winds or maybe just any place beyond the normal three seasons, make sure you look to a four season camping tent. The winter season or any extreme conditions demand a four season tent.

Extra poles, zip-down windows as well as extended rain flies will let you make adjustments like a little extra ventilation, greater stability or warmth in cold weather. These camping tents tend to be more expensive. However, they are often heavier than three-season alternatives.

The lightweight, highly ventilated summer tents are great for hot, dry nights, but they aren't very versatile when the temperature is lower in the fall and humidity rises. Don't buy one of these unless you intend to camp in dry, desert like conditions.

Once you get your choice home and before you leave for the park, set up your gear in the backyard. Know how to put it up, take it down and know for sure that everything came with the package. Get the family out for a camp out in the backyard to test it out in easy circumstances. You don't want to be in the woods caught in the dead of night wondering where the poles are. Take note of your camping tent and gear before you head out. Don't be surprised later. After you are ready, head out to Atzmännig in Goldingen , Switzerland .