What to look for in Presentation Folders

by : Robb Auspitz

My husband Jerry is in love with these discount, custom printed, two pocket presentation folders that he sells at Folders Only. I’m jealous, I think he worries more about them than he does me.

I come home from a hard day at work and I see stacks and stacks of custom printed, two pocket presentation folders. Today they’re everywhere so I confront Jerry, “What’s with all these folders?" My husband is remarkable, “Laura, look at how well made these folders are." He picks one up and slaps it into his hand just to show how sturdy it is. Now Jerry is fired up, “This is 12 point CIS with perfectly sealed edges. Look at those pockets. Are they perfect or what?" He places my hand in a pocket and I’m impressed. How often do you get to caress perfect pockets? But that isn’t enough so Jerry continues, “Every folder is the same as the one before that and the one before that." He wags his finger in the air for emphasis, “No deviation. Every run is perfect!" Just to emphasize the point he hands me a stack of folders and has me look at each one. He’s right. I’ll never tell him that but he’s right.

I look at the clock and just as I realize it’s dinner time my charming and precocious nine year old daughter is chasing the dog with her vicious looking hand puppet, “Casey, you’ll give that dog an anxiety attack and you know what she’ll do to my carpeting. Jerry goes bananas, “Casey, forget the carpeting if she does that on my folders daddy will be very upset."

The dog is next to the folders freaking out and Jerry snaps, “That’s it Casey, up to your room." Predictably she starts to cry. Now Jerry feels bad so we have a father and daughter moment. Jerry picks up the nearest folder and hands it to her, “Casey, look at this folder. Look at how clean and sharp the printing is." She nods her head then in unison they say, "Folders Only gives you the best quality and the best service for the cheapest price in the world." I should be as smart as my daughter.

Dinner is about to arrive, did you actually think I cook? I hear Jerry, “OK Casey, let’s do your lessons before we eat. Now, what should a customer look for in discount, two pocket, custom printed, presentation folders?" Casey sounds like she wants extra dessert, “12 point CIS, sealed pockets at the outside edges, quick shipping, standard business card slots, the ability to faithfully reproduce standard graphics formats, consistent high quality and price, price, price." Without even looking I can see Jerry smiling, “Casey, now you get extra dessert." Now I’m smiling too. You have to love a man who loves his work.

The Folders Only newsletter, as told to Robb Auspitz by Jerry’s wife.

Copyright 2003, 2004 by Robb Auspitz

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