London Broadway Shows

by : Kenneth Cheesman

Lion King - Discover life through the eyes of a Lion. One of Disney's most successful films is brought to life on the stage. When the young lion Prince Simba is born in a glorious celebration on pride rock, his evil uncle Scar is pushed back to second in line to the throne. Scar plots to kill both Simba and his father, King Mufasa, and proclaim himself king. Simba survives but is led to believe that his father died because of him and he decides to flee the kingdom. Will he ever return to save the kingdom?

Chicago is the story of Roxie, a 1920's chorus girl who has murdered her lover but manages to get acquitted with the help of a sleazy lawyer. Roxie dreams of starring in a Vaudeville show but she only achieves celebrity status when she rides on the wave of publicity surrounding her acquittal. She teams up with another murderess to form an unusual nightclub act, which they hope will keep them in the public eye.

Eva Peron used her beauty and charisma to rise meteorically from the slums of Argentina to the presidential mansion as First Lady. She won international acclaim and adoration from her own people as a champion of the poor whilst glamour, power and greed made her one of the 21st century's most major political celebrities. With it's multi award winning production team and hot new orchestrations EVITA tells Eva Peron's passionate and tragic story through Andrew LLoyd Webber's dazzling score and Tim Rice's famous lyrics.

Adapted from Victor Hugo's novel, Les Misérables is the epic tale of a man's life-journey through 18th century France and his struggle to live through the injustice and revolution of the time. It is full of passion and courage and has been acclaimed the world over.

The Phantom of the Opera is set in the Paris Opera House during the 19th century, where the facially disfigured Phantom haunts and terrorizes occupants. Based on a classic French thriller, this show tells about a terrifying and legendary figure that emerges from the depths of The Paris Opera House and manifests the mythic opera ghost in terrifying reality. The mysterious masked Phantom falls in love with the young and beautiful soprano Christine and whisks her away to his subterranean lair below the theatre to teach her to sing "like an angel". Although she initially becomes entranced by him, she loves another: Raoul. She is faced with a stark choice: stay with the Phantom forever, or he will kill Raoul.

Willy Russell's classic musical Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool and is about twins separated at birth but whose paths cross in later life. This is a captivating story of twin brothers Mickey and Eddie, who were separated at birth and eventually living on opposite sides of the tracks. Now commonly regarded as one of the all time great British musicals, Blood Brothers has touched the hearts and minds of a generation of theatregoers in dealing with two of the most pressing social issues of our time - inequality and unemployment.

Billy Elliot is the tale of a motherless boy whose father wants him to take up boxing. Instead, the boy discovers a love for ballet that leads him from secret lessons to a place at the Royal Ballet School . Set in the North East, Billy Elliot is a funny, heart-warming and feel-good celebration of one young boy's dream.

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is the world's longest-running play of any kind, being in the West End for over 50 years. The Mousetrap is the longest consistently running play in the history of British theatre. The reputation of this murder mystery masterpiece goes from strength to strength as new generations of theatregoers flock to try to figure out who is guilty.

Set in the 1940's, Guys and Dolls tells the story of a group of small-time gamblers and the ladies in their lives. Nathan Detroit bets his pal Sky Masterson that he can't make the next lady he sees fall in love with him, and when the next lady happens to be the prim and proper neighbourhood missionary Sarah Brown, the stage is set for an evening of high spirited entertainment.

Mamma Mia - Through the story-telling magic of the songs of ABBA, we meet Donna, a feisty forty-something single mum, who recalls distant memories of carefree days and careless nights whilst her daughter Sophie dreams of tradition, romance and a big white wedding. Mamma Mia! transports the audience to a tiny mythical Greek island as we share two unforgettable days in the lives of our heroines surrounded by crystal blue seas and beneath a beating Grecian sun.

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