Nokia 7390: Mirabile Visu

by : Alice Erin

Black and white, pink and red, yellow and orange - a bouquet of colours so exotic, a paragon of mobile so elite. And what it inspires is a song. The Nokia 7390 phone is a specimen of aesthetic ingenuity. Colours stage a dramatic effect. The frontal aspect is charactersized by concentric squares/ rectangles of different colours. These rectangles resemble frames fostering the artistic aspect of the design.
Each clamshell has an external display. This display is serviceable to the user and to the eye. The outer display of the black handset is outlined by a thin strip of lavender colour. This is further set in a red frame. The frame is adorned by thin curves signifying swaying branches or curlicue waves. This frame is set in a glossy black case. In the white case, mild pink sits in place of red. Whereas black complements resplendent personalities, white adorns delicate hands.
The frontal display oozes with colours. It has a superb resolution for a small screen. The keypad is simple and operable. The main display commands a resolution of 240x320 pixels. It effects a surge of colours that could transport you to a world of virtual beauty.
The Nokia 7390 is a 3G phone. It wields the powers of Infrared, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, and HSCSD. This is redolent of the superlative connectivity of the phone as well as its ability to transfer data and applications to and fro the handset. The tri-band WCDMA phone hops effortlessly from network to network as you move from place to place.
The Nokia 7390 phone hosts a 3 mega pixel camera. It can capture and run audio visual clips. Messaging features are diverse and sophisticated. From text to multimedia to voice, messages can be exchanged in any form the user chooses. The handset even proffers a variety of gaming options.
Beauty at its best, use at its most, a phone par excellence -
Nokia 7390