Nokia N95: Impossible is Myth!

by : Alice Erin

Presenting a phone that defies the term and its corresponding concept - impossible. The Nokia N95 is not just packed but loaded with features. The handset is spiffy and the technology, superlative. The slider emits a toned silver sheen. It is a tool for perfectionists, who splurge both at work and pleasure.

The Nokia N95 possesses everything a mobile must have. The list is not just long, but exhaustive. 16 Million colours are packed in to a 2.6 inch TFT screen. The outcome is obvious. The display bursts with hues of unimaginable shades. If one was to enumerate imaging features of the handset, he/she would run out of energy for the list is simply unending. The highlights would include a 5 mega pixel camera, Digital Zoom, Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar Lens, Scene Settings, and a Video Recorder.

3G technology confers supreme abilities to the phone. The Nokia N95 phone works on the quad-band network. It propels tasks availing speed technologies such as EDGE, HSCSD, and HSDPA. The latter helps primarily in internet based tasks. The S60 Symbian Operating System cushions operations.

The Nokia N95 phone vivifies communication. It supports voice calling via regular and Push-to Talk (wireless) channel. It accommodates a gamut of messaging modes. These include SMS, MMS, Emails with and without attachments, Picture Messages, and Instant Messages.

One aspect that ameliorates communication by degrees is the video calling feature. With video calling, one can palaver or discuss significant issues with friends or colleagues, respectively. The Nokia N95 is one phone that never deserts its owner. Fitted with the GPS mechanism, the handset thwarts the malicious ploys of thieves and competitors.

The Music Player, FM Radio, and Visual Radio serve to soothe senses at all times. Embedded and downloadable games accord entertainment. With 160 MB of internal memory and the provision to expand it by 128 MB, the Nokia N95 shatters the claims of other phones.

With Nokia N95, impossible is obsolete.

Nokia N95