Nokia 6280: Powered by 3g

by : Carly

The advent of 3G technology has ushered a new era of digital conversion. Users across the globe are making the most of 3G technology, as it comes with substantial benefits. The 3G enabled mobile handsets are too good when it comes to broadband like mobile Internet and lightening fast data connectivity. Hence, 3G technology is here to serve you better - like you always want with loads of options. The Nokia 6280 is also a 3G supporting handset, which makes it as powerful and useful as anything can be. Transferring heavy multimedia files is like a fun with such a powerful gadget besides high speed Internet and unparalleled email facility. You can also browse through the Internet to get the latest updates about various news and entertainment.
Things have really become very competitive in the mobile world and every handset manufacturer has been releasing a new handset - empowered with latest functionalities. 3G is the latest buzz word in the mobile word, therefore users are giving more importance to such handsets than the ordinary ones. Well, the Nokia 6280 is not only a 3G enabled handset and it it is also complemented by with high-end features - to make a whole lot of things easier for you. It has been built on the slider technology, which makes it quite enticing one. As being a slider phone, the Nokia 6280 is endowed with a big screen, thus it provides you a larger than life viewing experience. Its bright screen can support more than 262k colours to ensure that you get the best of viewing, whenever you watch something on its large screen.
When it comes to multimedia features, the Nokia 6280 is really a star. It comes loaded with a 2.0 mega pixels camera and there is another VGA camera fitted on the font side - you can use both of these cameras to capture all those larger than life moments. Moreover, you can also enjoy video calling on your very own Nokia 6280. Its music player can be your reliable entertainment pal, whenever you want to listen to really cool music. So slide open this dynamic performer or Nokia 6280 and feel the real difference.