Nokia N95: the Big Thing

by : Alice Erin

After the release of the Nokia N95, mobile phone market was literally stirred and users were just left awestruck. Well, that is the kind of impact a device like Nokia N95 can create. There is nothing to feel surprised about that, as Nokia N95 has it all to let you explore unlimited possibilities in the easiest possible way. When it comes to popularity, the Nokia N95 is surely at the top with a dedicated following. Although, this multifunctional device was brutally criticised after a couple of days of its release, but gradually it went on to create a buzz not only among users, but also among critics with its mind-boggling performance.

With its awe-inspiring profile and features, the Nokia N95 is surely a mighty handset, which is here to make your life simpler than ever. Besides capabilities, the Nokia N95 is also a good looking gadget. This slider handset is endowed with a big and intuitive display, which can support up to 16 million colours. Hence, the exteriors are just impeccable. When it comes to functionalities, the Nokia N95 is a HSDPA device, which supports the dynamic Quad-Band GSM network - which enables you to stay connected across the globe. There are other remarkable connectivity features with GPRS, EDGE, and Bluetooth. The credit goes to its Wi-Fi system and HSDPA connectivity, which enhances the web browsing speed on the Nokia N95.

If you look at other capabilities, the Nokia N95 is surely an all-rounder. It comes equipped with a 5 mega pixels digital camera, which is further supported by world-wide acclaimed Carl Zeiss optics - enjoy the ultimate photography with the ultimate device. Furthermore, it can play all your favourite music, as it comes with a superb music player, which can support music in various popular formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, and WMA. So, if you want to take a good care of your mobile life then the Nokia N95 can prove the right answer for that.

Nokia N95