Nokia 8800 - Capture the Beauty!

by : Alice Erin

Nokia 8800 is a sensational device. It is innovative, classy and enriched with the latest multimedia functionalities to raise the industry standards, and redefine elitism. The handset is wrapped with a stainless steel casing that has an impeccable finish and smooth contours. Clearly showing that Nokia 8800 has this time gone for a better material, as compared to the predecessor Nokia 8810.

The Nokia 8800 is constructed with Porsche technology. Which means, the slider is smooth and is quite satisfactory as well. Further, the device is enabled with a scratch resistant screen, to ensure that the beauty of Nokia 8800 is not marred. Talking of screen, the Nokia 8800 has an impressive screen that dominates the external fascia of the handset. The screen has 208 x 208 pixel resolution, making reading and viewing a pleasurable and effortless experience.

In terms of size, the Nokia 8800 is quite slim as well. It measures only 107 x 45 x 16.5 mm. This makes it possible for the device to be easily slid into mini purses or pockets. On being opened, the Nokia 8800 reveals an stunning keypad, which marries well with the overall look of the handset. But the joy gets a little spoiled because the key are too small and it poses problems for people with fat fingers.

The Nokia 8800 has a camera situated at the rear. It has only 0.5 MP. This comes through as a mere favour, specially in the times when 3 MP camera are considered the benchmark for average camera phones. Nonetheless, for users who desire to capture some impulsive moments of the life just for some fun, the camera of Nokia 8800 comes quite handy. For more fun and entertainment, the Nokia 8800 is empowered with a FM radio, video recording capability, digital music player and provision for playing/ downloading games.

Other highlights of Nokia 8800 are Bluetooth, tri-band connection for data and voice connectivity, XHTML browser, EDGE and GPRS. The Nokia 8800 includes 64 MB memory and offers a talk time of 3 hours.