LG Shine: the Impact Phone

by : Adam Jaylin

The LG Shine is finally making its much anticipated entry into the European mobile phone markets in the second quarter of 2007. These are exciting times as the technological gem from Korea is set to hit the European shores and in a rather unsurprising manner the manufacturer is the same who gave us the marvellous 'Chocolate' phone, LG.

The LG Shine is a smart blend of high end features with rather pleasing slider design of the phone. Motorola's RAZR series of handsets have ensured that slim phones will remain in vogue at least till the foreseeable future and the LG Shine is sure to appeal to anyone who is even remotely conscious about the latest fashion. For those who do not give a toss about fashion or aesthetics (do they still exist?) the powerful features of the handset will impress them surely.

Beginning with 2.2" 240x320 pixels display that gives the mirror effect when the handset is not active to the powerful 2 megapixel camera, everything about the LG Shine is class apart. The camera is equipped with Schneider Kreuznach lens, makers of Kodak camera lens that certainly puts it on par with the very best camera phones in the market. The looks are shiny, very shiny slim slider that is complemented by the "mirror effect" display screen.

On the connectivity count the LG Shine is a Quad band GSM network compatible handset, something that should please all the globe trotters reading this! Further, the presence of GPRS & EDGE peps up the speeds of networking as well as data transfers. The Bluetooth is there to facilitate hassle free local data transfers. The 70 MB internal memory is quite remarkable and it further surprises the user by sporting an external memory slot that will provide you enough space to carry your favourite music with you on the go.

Another interesting aspect in the is the scroll wheel that is the applications control along with two soft keys, making it one of the few handsets available in the market to sport the scroller. The scroll keys have always been popular with the users and this application makes the handset quite a user friendly device.