LG Chocolate - Beauty is Thy Name!

by : Bradley Ben

If you are on lookout for a designer mobile that is high on fashion and function, then LG chocolate might just suffice you. The phone was introduced in the market as a niche designer phone, that truly symbolises style, sophistication and usability. Thus, this makes the owner of LG chocolate a cut above class vis-a-vis the general crowd. This might justify why LG chocolate won two global awards for its design, eversince its launch.

The phone combines fantastic styling and cutting-edge technology, to give you an ultimate mobile experience. Its front has a mirror like exterior and designed as a monolithic piece, so as to make it appear as a flip phone. Only 15mm thick, LG chocolate is surprisingly thin, despite a host of contemporary features packed in it. What leaves you most enamoured in this sleek slider phone, is its touch sensitive pad for menu navigation. The touch sensitive pad is activated with a warm touch, and would not otherwise function. This implies that when LG chocolate is inside the pocket, bag or any case it won't just start automatically. Moreover, when you slide up the phone, LG chocolate's touchpad displays red light up waiting for your commands. The light's subtlety givesb a very soft appeal to the phone.

There are nine touch sensitive buttons in total: two customisable shortcut keys below the screen, call and cancel keys, four ways navigation and a selection button.

Its advance multimedia capabilities include VCAST video and music, a 1.3 Megapixels camera, Bluetooth capabilities, a micro SD expansion slot that supports 2GB cards and seamless connectivity. All integrated to redefine the parameters of style and usability.

Out of the box, LG chocolate comes with a standard 800 mAh Li-ion battery, travel charger, headset adapter and user manual.