LG Chocolate: Useful Features, Tasteful Design

by : Bradley Ben

There are only a few handset that can truly be termed as landmark. Other than ceaseless incorporation and upgradation of ever evolving features in handsets that takes us a step further to the future of mobility, the importance of designing of mobile phones can not be overlooked. A gizmo is called so not only because of what it can do but also by how it looks.

Today, fashion is big in all quarters. Starting from out outfits to accessories - everything of a modern day man or woman have to be in sync with the latest. Being an integral part of our lives, the mobile phones too have undergone a sea change from boring brick sized mono-blocks to sleek and slim sliders. Plying to the needs of ever-growing fashion enthusiast, Korean giant LG have strike gold with the LG Chocolate.

The LG KG800 or the LG Chocolate is a multi award winning mobile phone which many analyst considers as a fine example of modern industrial design. Initially available in mysterious black which was code named 'Ghost', the LG Chocolate is now available in many colour solutions including pink - the new generation gizmo shade.

Most compelling aspect of the designing of the LG Chocolate is its hidden LCD screen by mirror effect and the 'invisible' touch sensitive control pad. In stand-by mode, the LG Chocolate can create serious doubts about its identity as a mobile phone. A shiny box 'without' any screen and keys could be anything. Only when there's an incoming call or when you open the slider to reveal its chess board like keys, the LG Chocolate start to resemble a mobile phone.

The LG Chocolate is endowed with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with video capability, zoom and integrated LED flash, a media player that works on all sorts of media file and a healthy 128 Mb of internal shared memory. This triband phone is also a very potent communication tool with its evolved voice and data connectivity tools like GPRS, USB and Bluetooth.